Yepp Mini front-mounted child bike seat review
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The Yepp mini is a strong competitor in children’s bike seat front carriers. When biking with kids, the child bike seat is probably one of the most attractive, given the proximity and ability to protect them in case of accident. More so, the front-mounted carrier seat, as it allows parents and kids more interaction while cycling, and provides some nice bonding time. Yepp mini is a quality built, durable and well designed children bike seat that should really be taken into account. It even comes with an integrated theft lock!

Pink carrying daughter in Yepp mini- Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat

Pink and daughter Willow rocking the Yepp mini in L.A.

Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat review

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Coming from Holland, and winner of many awards, the Yepp mini is a tubular steel frame that runs along the inside the edge of the seat, covered in EVA polymer. This is a pliable, rubber like material that offers comfort but doesn’t sacrifice support. It comes in a wide array of pretty colours.

The kid is secured to the seat through nylon straps, and has shoulder pads that offer extra comfort. And look real cool. The seat includes adjustable foot rests to different leg lengths, without the need of extra tools.

It is for kids between 1 to 3 years old, and suitable for younger ones that can hold their head up, and wear a helmet while riding (roughly 9 months old). The maximum weight load is 33 lbs or 14kg. For bigger kids, Yepp has the Yepp maxi.

Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier - Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat

Yepp Mini Installation / compatibility

Installation takes a bit more time than with other child bike seat models, and requires the handlebar to be removed. The stem must be made of steel and have a diameter of 0.8 to 1.1 inches (2 to 2.8 cm). It comes with everything needed for its installation, but extra pieces are sold separately.

There needs to be at least a 2 inch (5 cm) clearance in the stem, but if your bike doesn´t meet this, threadless adapters are sold separately. It is more comfortable to mount it on larger framed bikes.


Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat

Is it safe for kids?

The Yepp mini has a  five-point harness with easy to use, childproof, buckle. It has adjustable footrests with straps as well.

Compared to other child bike seats, like the iBert, it has a higher back rest, that is waterproof and ventilated. This child bike seat comes with a rubberized handlebar, that is in a comfortable position for the kids to grab.

Other accessories can be purchased separately, like a sleeping roll for the handlebar, and a windscreen to protect the kid from weather inclemencies.

Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat

Is the Yepp Mini comfortable for adults to ride with?

Depending on the frame size and shape. It comes forward towards the rider a little more than other models. It is ideal for those riding bigger framed bikes, and, even better, a bike with a moon handlebar. If the distance between the stem and seat tube is over 20″, there should be enough leg room for most people.

Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat


Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat review:

To keep in mind.

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Yepp Mini front-mounted child bicycle seat

Yepp Mini Pros:

  • Safe and sturdy
  • Front mounted, better centre of gravity for the adult rider.
  • Well built
  • Comfortable for the kids, and secure, including handlebar
  • Better view for the kid, better communication, more enjoyable ride.
  • Nice design, availability of colours
  • Good back rest height

Yepp Mini Cons:

  • Slightly more complicated installation
  • Stem requirements, and the possible need of purchasing adapters
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