Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review
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The Yepp maxi is the transition model for the kid who is slowly outgrowing the Yepp Mini. When biking with kids, the child bike seat is probably one of the most attractive, given the proximity and ability to protect them in case of accident. Perhaps the rear-mounted carrier seat, is the more traditional approach as opposed to the front-mounted one. Although the view of the kid is reduced, back mounted seats allow to carry heavier kids, while still maintaining balance. Yepp maxi meets stringent European safety requirements and ASTM standards.


Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review

Yepp maxi rear bicycle child carrier review

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Coming from Holland, and winner of many awards, the Yepp maxi (much like its younger sibling the Yepp mini) is a tubular steel frame that runs along the inside the edge of the seat, covered in EVA polymer. This is a pliable, rubber likematerial that offers comfort but doesn’t sacrifice support. It comes in a wide array of pretty colours.

It is suitable for kids up to approximately 6 years old or 48.5 lbs. (22 kg). The kid is secured to the seat through nylon straps, and has shoulder pads that offer extra comfort. And look real cool. The seat includes adjustable foot rests to different leg lengths, without the need of extra tools.


Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review

Installation / compatibility

Two types of fittings can be chosen:

  • The easiest, quickest option: If you have a rear rack that can support at least  55 pounds (25 kg), your option would be to install the seat on it. If your bike has an Easyfit window, or, if it doesn’t, through the Yepp Easyfit carrier or Yepp Easyfit XL installed directly on top of your rack.
Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review

If your bike has a rear rack that can support more than 55lb /25 kg, but doesn’t have an Easyfit window, you can opt for the Yepp maxi easyfit carrier (left) or the Yepp maxi easyfit XL (right).

  • But if your bike doesn’t have a suitable rear back, there’s the possibility to install the Yepp Maxi Seatpost. Check out this video of the process:

Is it safe for kids?

The Yepp maxi has a  five-point harness with easy to use, childproof, buckle. It has adjustable footrests with straps as well.

Like Yepp mini, compared to other child bike seats (iBert, I’m looking at you) it has a higher back rest, that is waterproof and ventilated. The EVA foam doesn’t discolor, and absorbs bumps better.

The backrest can incorporate rear lights for added visibility.

Yepp maxi _ Yep delight Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review

Yepp delight for added visibility


Is it comfortable for adults to ride with?

Given the fact that it’s installed on the rear of the bicycle, there’s obviously more room for the cyclist, and you won’t hit your knees. However, these child seats were conceived for big, dutch bikes, so, when using other kind of smaller framed bikes, on occasions, it can sit a little too close. This can be uncomfortable for the kid.

Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review



Yepp maxi child bike seat review:

To keep in mind

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Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier review


  • Safe and sturdy, meets european safety standards
  • Has higher weight limit than Yepp mini
  • Different options for installation
  • Comfortable for the kids, and secure.
  • Still easy to maintain balance with it because of the position
  • Nice design, availability of colours
  • Good back rest height


  • Reduced view for the kid
  • Suits better large dutch bikes
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