Weeride Kangaroo child bike seat review
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When biking with kids, the child bicycle carrier is probably one of the most attractive, given the proximity and ability to protect them in case of accident. More so, the front-mounted carrier seat, as it allows parents and kids more interaction while cycling, and provides some nice bonding time. This Weeride Kangaroo child bike seat review comments on one of the most popular front child bike seats for its comfort and safety.



Weeride Kangaroo child bike seat review

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The Weeride Kangaroo is a child bike seat conceived for children between 1 to 4 years old. Also, younger than that, just as long as kids are able to hold their head up during the ride. The maximum weight it can support is 33 lbs (15 kg).

Although the design seems a little outdated, especially compared to the Yepp mini and maxi, its sturdy plastic housing is comfortable and installs on almost any adult bike.

Installation / compatibility

This child bike seat is mounted on an independent, adjustable, steel support bar. It is attached to the frame’s head tube and the seat post. This bar is designed to fit almost every bike and doesn’t interfere with bike cables or bike gear.

An extra mounting bar can be bought separately for transferring between bikes.

weeride kangaroo mounting bar

The Kangaroo installed on its mounting bar.

Is it safe for kids?

It has been consistently marked down as one of the safest child bike seats in the market. The back rest is conveniently sized without coming in the way of the cycling parent.

The seat is padded, and has a padded headrest in the front, which younger kids find really useful. However, the padding isn’t waterproof. It also has adjustable foot rests.

It has a 5 point harness, really comfortable and padded as well. This seat is all about kid comfort!


Is it comfortable for adults to ride with?

The main drawback of the Weeride Kangaroo is that, due to the fact that it sits mostly in the center of the frame, there can be less leg room, and taller adults may have to turn their legs out a little wider. However, the balance it is managed with this positioning is impressive, and for flat bike rides, it isn’t a big problem.


Weeride Kangaroo child bike seat review:

To keep in mind

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Weeride Kangaroo child bike seat review


  • Safe and sturdy
  • Compatibility with most bike models.
  • Front mounted, better centre of gravity for the adult rider.
  • Well built
  • Comfortable for the kids, being padded and including a head rest.
  • Better view for the kid, better communication, more enjoyable ride.
  • Good back rest height


  • Less leg room depending on the cyclist height / frame size
  • Outdated design / colors
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Weeride Kangaroo child bike seat
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