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Picking off where front-mounted child bike seats leave off, we find the Tyke Toter, conceived as a no-frills carrier for growing children. When biking with kids, the child bike seat is probably one of the most attractive, given the proximity and ability to protect them in case of accident. Especially so, front-mounted carriers, where children have a better view, and communication with their pedalling parents is facilitated. Tyke Toter front mount child bicycle seat is a safe bet, easy to install and remove, sturdy, and, a quick way for toddlers to share a ride with their biking parents.




Tyke Toter front mount child bicycle seat review


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Tyke Toter front mount child bicycle seat

From their gallery of happy customers: Tyke Toter front mount child bicycle seat.


Looking for universal fit? Look no more. The Tyke toter is a unique front-mounted kid seat, that removes unnecessary features for older children, resulting in a super light weight effective carrier. And it is U.S. made, on top of that.

Conceived for children from 2 to 5 years old who weigh under 45 lbs (20 kg), it basically consists of an extra seat that can be attached to ALL seat posts. And added seat rests. Because that’s all some children need.

Installation / compatibility

It fits all bikes, and the installation is really easy. No tools required.

Tyke Toter front mount child bicycle seat

Tyke Toter can be installed in ANY SEATPOST


Is it safe for kids?

Relatively so, as it is aimed for kids who can hold themselves up in a seated position, during the ride. It includes a footrest, and a handlebar of their own. However, in some cases, people feel the footrest can be slippery, especially for younger kids.

The built quality and sturdiness is spectacular.

Is it comfortable for adults to ride with?

Due to its extreme simplicity, it results in a really small piece of gear. The ride is intuitive, and kids, who also get to enjoy a footrest of their own, don’t get in the way of pedalling.

The Tyke Toter front mount child bicycle seat is marketed to comfortable riders who, in any given time, can react and protect their children. Those who particularly appreciate the absence of unnecessary features in favor of quality and effectiveness.

Balance is also improved, compared to other seats, because children sit closer to their parents.


Tyke Toter: To keep in mind

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tyke toter child bike seat


  • Universal fit
  • Easy to install and remove, leaving no marks
  • Comfortable to ride with
  • Quality-built, sturdy
  • Gets rid of the unnecessary, straight to the point
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • For kids that have certain stability
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