So May, the official month of the bicycle, is coming. YAY! If your city is anything like ours, you’ll be wearing a sweatshirt (and rain boots) until the very start of summer. That won’t be a problem for your children, as nowadays, it is super easy for them to be stylish. We hope you enjoy the first of many more toddler outfit ideas to come. Through the colours and fitting, we have created a unisex spring biker chic look, that can be worn even in summer or early autumn. Lively and basic colourful pieces compose a look that both stylish boys and stylish girls will love. Long live  sweatshirts!



Toddler outfit ideas


  1. Zara Kids knit green zip sweatshirt with ears

    What we said: Long live sweatshirts! This cute zip hooded sweatshirt had to be first in today’s Toddler Outfit Ideas list. With this colour, it will surely combine with many other outfits, and make your children stand out at the bike park. It comes with cute tiny bunny ears. It can be found in sizes ranging from 3 months to 4 years old.

    Find it on Zara

  2. Zara Kids Nirvana shirt

    Does it smell like teen spirit? Hopefully not yet! Choosing a textured baby blue like this shirt, we incorporated an item that can be worn over an over again. The funny smiley Nirvana logo will let them come as they are. You probably can tell by now that Nevermind is one of my roadtrip CD’s.

    Find it on Zara

  3. Little Beans Baby Shop’s organic cotton leggings

    There’s something about leggings that make you feel comfy as if you were wearing pajamas. Am I right? It is a great option for babies and toddlers, even more if they are made of organic cotton like these ones!

    Find it on Etsy

  4. Giro Dime MIPS Helmet

    Giro Dime is a cool helmet, giving a skater-style look to the one wearing it. It is inspired in the “Quarter” adult helmet featuring a tough outer shell.

    Find it on Amazon Read our extended review

  5. Wishbone 3 in one balance bike / trike recycled edition

    Wishbone is a little bicycle that can be transformed from trike to two different sized balance bikes. The amazing innovation in this balance bike is how Wishbone has pushed the limits to the maximum. This balance bike is made with recycled residential carpet and fiber glass!

    Find it on Amazon Read our extended review

  6. Nutcase Little Monster Bell

    A pop of neon color on your kiddo’s balance bike handlebar.

    Find it on Amazon

  7. Mini Melissa Polibolha sneakers

    Some sneakers you will definitely be jealous of! Even if you can find them in your size, they won’t be as cute as this work of art for tiny toddler feet.

    Find them in Nordstrom

  8. Kandatsu kid’s leg warmers

    The final touch of this toddler outfit.

    Find them on Etsy



Stay tuned! We will be doing more toddler outfit ideas like this one.


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