Top 10 balance bikes for toddlers 2016

Top 10 balance bikes for toddlers is a compilation of 10 balance bikes that covers a huge range of necessities parents can be struggle with when they are choosing a balance bike for their children. We are givi... Read More...
Metal balance bikes - strider pro
4.1OUT OF 5

Strider Pro Balance Bike Review

Strider Pro Balance bike is the high-end model, ready for those kids to take the next step with their riding. It is one of the lightest and most advanced balance bikes in the market, perfect to go into the play... Read More...
Strider Classic balance bike featured
3.7OUT OF 5

Strider Classic Balance Bike Review

Strider Classic Balance bike is the entry level model of these series. It is the Strider Classic model returning to its roots, keeping the simplicity and less expensive than other models. Strider is one the first companies designing balance bikes and that is p... Read More...
metal balance bikes - strider sport featured
4.1OUT OF 5

Strider Sport Balance Bike Review

Strider Sport Balance bike has had a 8-year evolution on its design where Strider has optimized its performance and options to offer great features and great values ( material and personal) to this balance bike... Read More...
Strider Cup race featured

Strider Cup Races 2016. Get ready!

Strider Cup races is that event of the year your kids are waiting for! It is a total must. You won't have many opportunities of watching your kids enjoying biking with new friends, in amazing BMX trails and ... Read More...