Top 10 balance bikes for toddlers 2016

Top 10 balance bikes for toddlers is a compilation of 10 balance bikes that covers a huge range of necessities parents can be struggle with when they are choosing a balance bike for their children. We are givi... Read More...
metal balance bikes - early rider 14
4.3OUT OF 5

Early Rider Trail Runner 14″ Review

Early Rider Trail Runner 14" is made for riding in trails or rugged terrains with its knobby tires. The wheel is a 14" mountain bike. Made in aluminum, it is a very manoeuvrable bike which makes very easy the r... Read More...
Early Rider Bonsai 12 inch
4.2OUT OF 5

Early Rider Bonsai Review

Early Rider Bonsai 12" is a wood-metal hybrid, a cool and stunning balance bike. You can get them this monocoque wooden frame design, which includes metal headset, handlebar and seat tube. Sometimes what you are looking for in a balance bike is for it to be... Read More...
Early rider lite 12" review
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Early Rider Lite Review

Early Rider Lite is the perfect companion for the smaller and less physical kids to manage easily. It doesn’t matter if your kids are on the road and suddenly a new adventure takes them into the grass slopes. I... Read More...