Strider Cup races is that event of the year your kids are waiting for!

It is a total must. You won’t have many opportunities of watching your kids enjoying biking with new friends, in amazing BMX trails and enjoying a great day out in family. Strider Cup races is an institution already that you just can’t miss out.

Maybe you are hesitant thinking that your kids can fall, or hurt themselves in those slopes. But trust us, this is a unique opportunity. All those memories will make kids grow, excited and proud of being in the cyclist community since the beginning of their learning process. And remember, it is possible that your kids, next year, forget their balance bikes because of those shiny and new pedal bikes…

This international race caters directly to kids aged between 2-5 years old who want to experience the thrill of racing. Every kid, no matter his skill levels, is welcome to participate. In addition to the toddler classes, there would be events and even racing classes for riders of all ages with special needs. And a little extra treat, admission is free for families and spectators, you may just need to pay the racing fee.

Pre-registration is open now. Go visit and check out all the info and events.


Strider Cup races have been confirmed so far in the following cities this year:
   – Saturday, June 11: Lincoln, NE, at the Railyard
   – Saturday, June 25: Salt Lake City, UT, at Pioneer Park
   – Saturday, July 9: Spokane, WA, at Riverfront Park


So! Nothing else, nothing more. Grab your calendar and mark these dates down. A lot of cities and a lot of countries will host your kids’ next Strider Cup race! See you there!

Strider Cup races

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Here you can find a little bit of the great fun you will encounter in the Strider Cup races.

Take a look and enjoy riding!

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