There’s s really inventive people in this world, and then there’s this guy. The smallest bike in the world, aka Minivelo, is probably the Guiness World Record regarding fully functional bikes.

The smallest bike in the world

This video kind of reminds me of when my then 2 year old sister rode on her Barbie’s convertible all over our house.

However very little is known about the mini bike. It is unknown if it is just DIY result of  really crazy idea, or if it’s being (or going to be) commercialized. Apparently the project comes from Russia, given the fact the original video’s title is in Russian.

The next step would possibly be to create a smaller carry-on for the bike, given the fact that the backpack he is using is oversized. There are so many possibilities out there!

But, in the end, who really cares, the most important of it all, this guy is a COOL biking kid!


smallest bike

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