Every kid has a unique personality, something that determines the way they explore the world. This first connection will make them develop their future self.

Helping them in this process is crucial. As it is giving them the perfect tools for it.

Learning how to ride a bike is one the most unforgettable experiences (therefore, memories) that a people will treasure their whole lives.

Let´s choose the perfect balance bike to help them in this process.

Let´s build beloved memories to share with them forever.


Personality 1: The sociable kid

These children are very talkative, playful and sociable.They don´t follow the straight line, they prefer randomness in their actions and movements.

Imagination is on charge, so surprises are expected. They shine and make people around them have fun.

So, which balance bike can be for them?

Those ones offering extra fun and promoting social behaviours. 


Kiddimoto Kurve social personality

They are fun, they are reliable, and the most important thing for your kid: unique.There are a lot of amazing designs. Your kids can choose the one that suits their personality better.

You can expect a lot of fun with these ones. Very outgoing and lively.

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early rider lite

It doesn’t matter if your kid was on the road and suddenly a new adventure took him/her into the grass slopes. The Early rider Lite will be the perfect companion. It is very light, very cool, designed with a chopper feeling, and will follow your kids wherever they go due to the pneumatic wheels.

Surprises are on the way when you ride one of these.

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Personality 2: The Emotional Kid

Some people would say these kids are shy, but the truth is they are more gentle and mindful than the average kiddo. They really care for others. Their way of biking shows how attentive they are and how they control their self space.

They are more thoughtful about the ways they ride, but these kids are more adaptable to sudden changes. They are very sensitive so their balance bikes should be as well.

They need a ride that relaxes them and keeps them connected with the loved ones.


brumbrum brand emotional personality

In this bike everything is about design, but it is that design what makes kids feel so comfortable. They are very light, their wood frame keep our sensitive guys go over potholes with ease.  And the wheel discs leave no one little finger damaged.


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Kiddimoto scooter brand emotional personality

This bike is stylish, the seat height is low and it has a footrest area.

It is the perfect way to keep the kid’s gravity center low and it makes them feel like seating and riding at the same time.

This balance bike is not that light. However, this won’t allow your kid to ride fast. Also, the bicycle stem angle is very limited making the risk of jack-knifing accidents decrease.

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Personality 3: The determined kid

 These kids are determined. They are incredibly active and they seek for adventures everywhere they go. They have a powerful energy that needs a way out. 

Therefore, encouraging them in their adventures is the best way to let them grow.

They need to move fast and to keep busy.

For all these reasons, a reliable and all-terrain balance bike is the perfect choice for them


strider sport brand determined personality

A Strider bike can last for years, all siblings can learn to ride in it, so how couldn’t it resist your active buddy?

These bikes are made to follow your kid in all terrains. Their tires are made by industrial foam so you don’t need to worry about flat outs. And if your kid turns into a pro biker, you can change the foam tires to heavy-duty wheels. The bicycle stem can rotate 360º. It is perfect for those fearless who enjoy a BMX trail ride. Striders are very light and can give a great performance. Also, when the kid is ready, you can install a foot-operated brake.

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firstbike RACING

The best features in this bike are the wheels and the frame. They have Schwalbe Big Apple tires which make them suitable for any surface. The frame is extremely flexible and very light. With all these advantages and possibilities, the fact that a hand-controlled brake is installed can give you some release. Also, the handlebar steer angle is limited to help the kid to ride smoother.

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Personality 4: The intellectual kid

Maybe some would say that the intellectual kid is a serious kid, that may enjoy other kind of activities. But we know all kids can enjoy having a bike in their lives. Also, biking is more than just a physical activity. We could talk about how the bike works, the speed you can get or the more confortable way of riding.

For this reason they would enjoy learning how to ride a bike in an efficient way, discovering new ways of driving or learning about the details of their ride. Let these brilliant kids discover their way of biking on their own, listening to them in their preferences and supporting them in their choices.


Firstbike street brand intellectual personality

This bike has some features that can make you consider it a convertible. The seating height and the optional lowering kit make it be a very functional balance bike. This one has two mudguards to keep your kid clean off dust. The seat is something special, an original-horse saddle to prevent the kid fall from it when riding a slope. With this all-terrain bike your kids will successfully ride wherever they want.

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wishbone brand intellectual personality

 The 3in1 Wishbone Bike has a three-way adjustability to offer the perfect shape in every stage of the learning process. It is a convertible bike. You and your kids can enjoy transforming it while they are discovering their abilities. This bikes have air-filled tires.

The original edition is made by wood with non-toxic glues and finishes. And if your kids have a more mature attitude, the recycled edition will give them a more serious, cool, badass and eco-friendly look.

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