Knog is an Australian company well known for its bicycle and locks design. They have taken a step forward with this bike bell’s launch in Kickstarter, called “Oi”. Just one week left, they have already reached their goal and surpass $710.000!

knog oi bike bell

From left to right: |Aluminium | Titanium | Brass | Copper | Black |

“Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?” Knog


“Oi” is a different bike bell that tries to be an integrated part of your bike. Knog wants it to be discreet and unrecognizable. This bell integrates form and functionality in a remarkable style. Knog has produced this bell in several materials to fit in the rider’s personality, because of the look and because of the sound.

Since 1877, bell bikes have not changed that much. Knog had a feeling that this product did not fit the bicycle evolution. So they started to design a optimum bike bell that would suit all kind of bikes. The shape of “Oi” comes from the handle bar. It wraps around it and it does not take up much space. Because of the slim and metallic look, the bell camouflages in the handle bar.


knog oi bike bell wrap

knog oi wrap


The “Oi” bike bell comes in two sizes, large and small. The small Oi is for the standard 22.2 mm bar. The “spacers” in the pack help the large Oi fit up to 31.8mm bars. It can work for any aero bar with a 16mm section too.

Another good thing is that you do not need to remove grips or cables to mount it. You only need to pup it over, tighten it up, and that is all. It will not slide down the handlebar and it will not requiere any other re-assembling.


knog oi details



Amazing design! And you still have one week to have your very own and support this project: Until 29th of March.

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