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 Lazer P´Nut Helmet is one of the best in the market right now for smaller kids. It has an amazing quality, it is very easy to adjust due to the Autofit System, In-mold construction to make it more durable and no foam exposed.  Also it is very suitable for kids going in bike seat and trailer.


Lazer Helmets logo  It could not be a surprise that the oldest helmet company was founded in 1919 by Roger Lacroix in Belgium, as this country is the most rabid cycling nation in the world so far. They are dedicated and passionate about design, comfort, safety ans technology. All these qualities have made this company one of the most innovative helmet companies. Also, they use their expertise into other fields.

They have also team up with great champions all over the world, as Paolo Bettini, Miguel Martinez, Tom Boonen, and some others that tested, wore and enjoyed Lazer.

 “head protection”

Lazer wants to make innovating and comfortable products people want to wear instead of need to wear.

Lazer P´Nut Helmet

Complementing the cycling helmet production, they have produced several eye wear  systems. In 2012, they started to produce helmets for winter sports, as ski and snowboard.


The Lazer P´Nut Helmet has the following main features:

  • In-mold 1 piece construction type.
  • Perfect for daily use. Also they have the back flat, so it is a good choice for bike seat and trailers.
  • Possibility of select the MIPS system(Multi-directional Impact Protection System) which absorbs more rotational energy than traditional helmets.
  • It has 16 air ventilations.
  • The fit system is the Autofit retention system, which naturally is adjusted to the kid head with its head basket
  • Soft fontanelle padding on top of the head, very comfortable.
  • Magic buckle eliminates pinching
  • Reflecting material on the shell
  • Its weight is 270 gr. (0.59 pounds) for the classic helmet, 300 gr. (0.66 pounds) for the MIPS helmet.
  • It has all type of certifications: CE EN1078 ( European certification), CPSC (USA certification) and AS/NZS 2063 (Australian certification)
  • They have eight fun color options
  • Possibility of adding a funny Crazy Nutshell  to protect children from rain, snow and dirt.


In this case, the Lazer P´Nut Helmet size change depending on the MIPS system:

NO MIPS Toddler unisize_ 46-50 cm_ 18.1-19.7 inches.

MIPS Kids unisize_ 50-56 cm_ 19.7-22 inches.

Choosing MIPS or NO MIPS depends on the kind of activity the kids are having. If they are adventurous and trying new paths each day, the MIPS protection gives more protection to all kinds of impacts. However, ir our kids are small, and the speed they reach is not that fast, or even they are going in bike seats or trailers, the additional weight of the MIPS can give an uncomfortable feeling to your kids and they will be less eager to wear it.


Prices for the NO MIPS Lazer P´Nut Helmet goes for $54.99. Reviews in Amazon here

Prices for the MIPS Lazer P´Nut Helmet goes around $73.00. Reviews in Amazon here

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