helmets for kids. featured image

When your kids are biking for the first time,

what is the first thing that should come to your head?



  • Is it worth it? YES!!!

  • Is it expensive? NO, safety is priceless.

  • How long could my children use the helmet? Normally, several years, until they are ready for teen helmets. All depends on the helmet adjustments and if they give your kid’s head room to grow.

When you are outside with your kids, teaching them how to ride, or enjoying some biking together, what you want to feel is the tranquility of knowing they are protected. It is really important to be making new memories and having some fun, and not worrying about their safety or lack of it.

For this reason, having a good kids bike helmets is one of the top priorities for parents when riding outside.

A helmet can protect your kids from bike-related head injuries. Keeping this as a customary practice creates a sense of duty for the rest of their lives. You can set a good example for your children by always wearing a helmet when you ride with them. Helmets should be part of their daily routine.