A Balance bike is a little starter bike that lacks pedals and allows kids to work first on their stability, coordination and steering capabilities.

Balance bike reviews, selection and guides

Balance bikes also known as push bikes, given that, to properly use them, kids should be able to lay their feet flat on the ground, and walk while seating on the saddle. Another name they can go by is run bikes. They are the logical evolution from baby ride-ons to two wheel bicycles. They were conceived as an alternative to training wheels in regular bicycles, making them less bulky, and easier for kids to handle. The difficulty that traditional bicycles initially present, which is keeping balance while pedalling, is split in balance bikes, therefore the learning curve is much less steep. It is common for kids who learn to ride push bikes to be able to ride pedal bikes at an earlier age, than they otherwise would have. The feeling of confidence or achievement at an earlier age makes a huge impact.

How do you choose the best balance bike for your kids?

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Best metal balance bikes

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Wooden balance bikes are perfect for beginners and have a lot of features like adjustable seat heights, covered rim wheels (to prevent accidents) and artsy details. They are, at the same time, incredibly cute a... Read More...

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