iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat bicycle carrier review
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iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat bicycle carrier review

The iBert Safe-T-Seat front child seat is perhaps the most widely used children’s bike seat carrier in the U.S., where it is manufactured. When biking with kids, the child bike seat is probably one of the most frequently used, given the proximity and ability to protect them in case of accident. More so, the front-mounted carrier seat, as it allows parents and kids more interaction while cycling, and provides some nice bonding time. The iBert safe-T Seat front child seat is a strong competitor, and a safe choice for those in doubt of what children bike seat to buy.


ibert safe-t seat front child seat

Little fella rocking the iBert

iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat

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iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat overview

This child bike seat is very recognisable due to the characteristic green and orange colours, reminders of their fun frog logo. It fits most children between 1 to 4 years old. It is suitable for kids younger than that who can hold their head up, and wear a helmet while riding.

Children should be less than 42 inches (1,06 m) tall to ride on the iBert, otherwise it’s uncomfortable for them. The max weight load for the seat is 38lbs or 17 kg.


Installation / compatibility

The installation is very simple. It uses a mounting bracket with only two bolts and takes pretty little time to install. It is placed on the steering tube of the fork. An extra mounting bar can be purchased for transferring the iBert safe-T seat front child seat in between bikes.

It fits most bikes, provided they have at least 3/4″ or 19 mm of usable stem. If it is to be installed in a road bike, it needs to leave at least 13 inches or 33cm in between the handlebar for the seat to fit. It may not fit as well in smaller-framed bikes.

ibert safe-t seat front child seat

An extra mounting bar for the iBert safe-T seat can be purchased separately here (affiliate link)

Is it safe for the kid?

Kids riding in the iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat should be able to hold their head up while wearing a helmet. The back rest is a little too low, sometimes causing the shoulder straps, which are independently adjustable, to slide down.

The seat is padded, and so is the steering wheel/ head rest that the newer version includes. Something that comes in handy for longer journeys.

The seat can be flimsy, especially with heavier kids (it supports up to 38lbs or 17 kg). In this case the two mounting bracket’s bolts may have come loose, and would need replacing, but since multiple parts are able to be purchased separately, it is not a big issue.

ibert safe-t seat front child seat

The iBert safe-T installed on a city bike

Is the iBert comfortable for adults to ride with?

Generally, yes, depending on the frame shape and size. It provides enough leg room, even for taller adults, and the knees won’t hit it while riding. For adults with less arm length, depending on the riding position, it may be harder to reach the handlebar, given the fact that arms should surround the bike seat.

Due to the fact that the iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat is front mounted, it is easier to keep balance, because the centre of gravity of the bike is closer to the rider.

The mounting bracket would better be removed when the seat is not installed, since it protrudes towards the cyclist and is a safety hazard. The mounting bracket can partially scratch the stem.

ibert safe-t seat front child seat

Beware of the mounting bar when the seat is not installed. iBert.

iBert Safe-T Seat front child seat:

To keep in mind

ibert safe-t seat front child seat

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Simple installation, compatible with most bikes in the market.
Front mounted, better centre of gravity for the adult rider.
Better view for the kid, better communication, more enjoyable ride.
– Provides more leg room, won’t hit your knees when you ride.
Padded seat and steering wheel / head rest.


– To use the bike without the bike seat attached, the mounting bracket should be removed.
– Slightly flimsy, a little basic.
Back rest is a little low.

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