Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike Helmet Review
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Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike Helmet is one of the smallest in the market right now. This makes it useful for kids learning how to ride a bike or for those ones biking with their parents in a bike sit or trailer. It incorporates the Giro’s Acu Dial system. This is a dial located on the back of the helmet to get the perfect fit and help you to adjust the strap to the children heads. Remember that fitting a helmet fr your kid can be challenging, so a little bit of help can do wonders. Giro includes additional stick-on foam pads to provide extra cushion and allow it to grow with your kids.

Although this is an old model, and there are others with modern features, this one fits great for kids 1-3 years old and its flat back makes it suitable for trailers. So it deserves to have a good ranking yet.


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Giro comes from Santa Cruz, California, an incredible place where mountains and surf join together. This location is well-known for the outdoors people, also for the human values everyone tries to include in their lives. This way we can understand how the founders are free thinkers, ride activist, that bring new ideas to the enhance of riding. It is a brand that comes from the outdoor adventure living.

“I want to create products that leave a mark” Jim Gentes, Giro Founder

Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike Helmet


  • Microshell construction with built-in bug net to keep the child´s head cool.
  • Mini-Loc system (dial-adjust system)
  • Weight of 250 gr/0.55 pounds.
  • Simple strap guides.
  • Pinch-proof buckle buckle and Giro’s Acu Dial system for a better fit.
  • 6 air ventilations.
  • Soft padding inside.
  • Built-in visor for shading.
  • It comes in six colors.
  • International standars: CSPC, CE EN1078 (skateboards and roller skates, European standard), AS/NZS 2063:2008(Australian standard).


In this case, the Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike Helmet can be found in one size:

Infant/Toddler size_ 18.75 to 20.5 inches_ 48 to 52 cm.


Prices go from 54.66 to 34.99 depending on its design. You can find some reviews in Amazon here

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