Child bike seat attachment: Front or rear? An infographic

Are you considering to get a bicycle seat to cycle around with your children? If you have done a little research, perhaps you’ve come up with a few brands everybody seems to love. But, here, at Cool Biking Kids, we would like to encourage you to first choose between front and rear mounted seats. To do so, we have created an infographic comparing both child bike seat attachment, sizing, pros and cons. It will help you decide between front and rear-mounted baby carriers, and what features should you look for. We really hope this is useful for you, after all, sharing a bike ride with your children will surely be a cherished moment for everyone!

Child bike seat attachment and sizing.

Front or rear-mounted pros and cons.





Child bike seat attachment and sizing.

Front or rear-mounted pros and cons.


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  • Kids can ride on a child bike carrier from 9 months old. That is when babies are able to hold their head up by themselves, while wearing a helmet. Most manufacturers recommend a starting age between 9 months to 1 year old, but this solely depends on your child.


  • Rear-mounted carriers, on average, support more weight. They are either attached to the seat post or to the cargo rack. They usually have longer useful life, some of them being able to carry children up to 6 years old.


  • Front-mounted carriers can’t support as much weight. They are either attached to the handlebar stem, or to the frame. Children up to 4 years old can ride on them, depending on the model.


  • However, a front-mounted bike seat for toddlers is preferred in terms of balance, because the weight that the bicycle carries is closer to the center of gravity, providing a better stability. In the event of fall, parents are able to protect their children more easily, as opposed to parents carrying their children on a rear-mounted child bike seat.


  • As far as comfort goes, every child bike seat is different, but, as a rule of thumb, rear-mounted seats do not interfere with the rider’s legs, so they would be the first choice for taller parents.


  • Front-mounted child bike seats create a better communication between parents and children. Kids will appreciate the better view, and the abbility to comment on everything they see as they go by. I’m guessing staring at a (maybe sweaty) back is not the first choice for every kid!


Child bike seat attachment is a difficult matter to consider, as every seat has a different attachment system, and different sizing requirements. It should be treated individually. However, generally speaking:

  • Utility bikes / Dutch bikes. If you have one of them, congratulations, they are a no brainer, and many of the seats are designed to fit them. Child bike seat attachment is a breeze!
  • Mountain bikes and road bikes. Ha! Where do we start? A rear-mounted child bike seat, attached to the post, would be your best bet. However, if you prefer a front-mounted child bike seat, you may consider a wider handlebar (A moon handlebar is the optimal one, but it doesn’t really look good on a mtb, right?). And, please, especially you, check the child bike seat attachment requirements.

To keep in mind


  • Always make your child wear a helmet Please, do.


  • The backrest should be able to cover the entire back. Rear-mounted child bike seats usually provide a better coverage. If you opt for one of them, include rear lights for added visibility, like the accessories that can be added to the Yepp Maxi.


  • Safety is important, so you should always choose child bike seats that offer chilproof buckles, and a 5 point safety harness. Footrests with straps are also essential, as they prevent children feet from getting in the way, or being hurt. Especially in front-mounted child bike seats.

Yepp Maxi rear bicycle child carrier

Did you decide already?

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