Travelling to Europe? Make it even more memorable and transform it into cycling holidays around Europe!

These 6 cycling trips are incredibly suitable for the whole family. You all will be able to enjoy the fresh air, the good bike paths, the integrated nature, the bike-friendly city and for sure, you will have a better approach to the culture and the way of living in Europe.

Whether you have little amateur bikers that can pedal on their own, or you plan to carry them with you (with our recommended gear), we are sure you will want to travel here. 

So why not to alternate some off the path cycling tours with the must-see touristic areas? You won’t regret it.

This can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family (and it is not expensive at all!)

6 easy cycling holidays in Europe you don’t want to miss:


1. Easy cycling holidays in Amsterdam: Holland


easy cycling holidays in Europe. Amsterdam

This is one of the bike capitals. Due to it being really flat, and its bike-friendly environment, it will be for sure a good choice for bringing the fam. After all, there is no better way of exploring a city than on two wheels. Or three.

Apart from the must-see Amsterdam charming and eclectic center (kids will appreciate the artsy scene), there’s the undeniable beauty of the dutch countryside.

You can find a bike path all around the city and even they can guide you to the awesome country side. 

You have two options while exploring Amsterdam: you can arrange a day bike tour passing by cheese farms, windmills and tulips. Or you can just take your bike and admire the great scenery. There is no way everyone in the family will not be satisfied.

TIP: The tulips can be seen between March and May.

By the way, don’t forget to get yourself a Dutch cargo bike, now that they are so trendy!

For cycling tips & trips in Amsterdam, we recommend They offer bike rental discounts and guides.


2. Easy cycling holidays in Aquitaine: France

This natural and amazing area is one of the most popular destinations for French people on summer holidays. La Vélodyssée is the general route where you can find all detailed information for this cycling trip around France.

Here you can find three different places that can suit all preferences: The Landes forest, the Landes beach and the wine routes. If you are planning a trip around France, this can be a great stop as it is very close to Bordeaux. It is affordable and convenient. You can rent a bike in the city ( if you choose to bike from Bordeaux to the beach) or in one of the main touristic points (if you rather spend some time in the area and enjoy a picnic with cheese).

 It is advised during May-September.

easy cycling holidays in Europe. Landes forest

One of the main attractions is the Landes forest. Situated near the Atlantic Ocean, in southern west France, covering the area of Landes and Gironde. It is a wine region, near a swamp-turned forest. It is a beauty-filled trip travelling alongside the uncomparable coastal area.

It is relatively easy, one of the most beautiful family biking holidays.

The routes between Arcachon-Biscarrosse and Mimizan plage – Vieux Boucau les Bains, present little difficulties.

Routes can go from Lion to Bayonne, and From Bayonne to Arcachon. You can find detailed maps and routes here. As you cycle around the forest, you can appreciate the changing nature through seasons, all beautiful colors and the different plants and fauna.

“The largest planted forest in Europe, it is renowned for the quality and abundance of its flora and fauna; indeed, the Landes forest massif stands apart, and continues to be preserved, for its unique species of maritime pine.”


easy cycling holidays in Europe. Landes beach

The route from Arcachon to Lion offers a mixed environment, forest and beach. One amazing spot is the Dune of Pilat, just intermediately close to the Landes forest. This self-guided tour goes from La Gironde to the Landes.

The Mimizan-Plage / Contis-Plage route can offers you a relaxing path, full of fragrances, inside the forest. It is a meditative area.

Some detours will take you inland, to enjoy the natural food and the french field passages. Some others will cross you around picturesque villages or wood trail bike paths.

You can expend as much time as you want/can. All routes are great. Just choose the one that fits you and your family. Take into account the lengh, difficulty and relaxing stops in the way.

easy cycling holidays in Europe. Wine fields

Bordeaux region is widely famous because of its wine. So one wine field route around Bordeaux can be a great choice for a family biking trip.

All of Aquitaine is a vineyard. If you are into chateaux, you can go to Bearn,  and discover the Madiran vineyard. There are some other circuits sponsored by several wine brands and vineyards. It can be a long way through the vineyards, as long as 48km. North Bayonne, you can find an old railway transformed into a cycle track.

You can go in April and enjoy the asparagus festival!


3. Easy cycling holidays in Dolomites bicycle paths: Italy


easy cycling holidays in Europe. Dolomite. Italy


Located in the north east of Italy (very close to Austria), this alpine region offers plenty of fun to families. Not just biking, there is lots to do here: hiking, rock climbing, and cafe-hopping.

This area is an appealing colorful mixture of stunning peaks, glaciers, forests, flowery fields, and charming little villages. However, it is a mostly car-free route, that makes it perfect for everyone.

All routes can be self-guided. They are ideal for beginners and families. The route mainly takes you alongside the River Drava and there are no steep inclines. More info about this route here. you can find incredible sights as the Toblach and Innichen village of the Upper Pusteria Valley, cross the South and East Tyrol, lakes as the Wörther See, Villach town (go during its famous carnival!)

On top of that, it is not far from Venice. Italian Venice. Add it to my bucket list for family biking holidays!


4. Easy cycling holidays in Barcelona: Spain

 easy cycling holidays in Europe. Barcelona


Maybe I’m biased because Spain is my home country, but Barcelona is an undeniably beautiful city. Its warm weather during most of the year, attractive cultural offer, and appealing lifestyle, make it a good candidate for family biking destinations.

Barcelona is a pretty flat city with a well connected bicycle network. You can rent one of the public bikes called bicing. There are several dropping points around the city and it is very easy to rent them. You can have a self-guided half day tour around the city or loose yourself into the beautiful narrow streets of Barcelona. In the same way, if you prefer a deeper tour, I would suggest to hire a guide or to book a tour. Because there are so many little streets that you and your family can get tired and, if you choose some other transportation, you can miss the whole relaxing feeling the city offers.

It is best to avoid July and August, as it can get too hot for kids, and sangria is not considered (yet) an acceptable way of hydrating them.

Here you can find a map with the all cycle paths in Barcelona. You can visit the seaside, the old town, the Sagrada Familia, Montjuic and all you can imagine in bike. hope you enjoy!


5. Easy cycling holidays in Reykjavik: Iceland


easy cycling holidays in Europe. Reykjavik


Iceland as a whole, is a great biking destination during the summer. Tell it to the hordes of Brits who travel there during the hotter months! This is a country of exhuberant nature and impressive scenic areas. Mountain biking is one of the top activities in Iceland and we can understand why: you can keep an ecological, respectful and relaxing approach to the nature of Iceland.

Reykjavik in particular, is acceptably flat, and quite bike-friendly. You can visit it quirky architecture, the incredible seaside or the fisher villages close by.

Cycle tour companies even offer children seats, trailers and all kinds of gadgets to make it easier for the kiddos.

In Iceland you can find a great variety of tours, self-guided or guided, that can make you and your family feel like in a magical land: from the inside Reykjavik town to the lake lands, or from the fisher villages to the Geysir geothermal area.

 With no doubts, you should visit in summer. But beware, the sun hours then are extra long!


 6. Easy cycling holidays in Danube bike path: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.


easy cycling holidays in Europe. Danube


The Danube bike path is known for its relaxing cycling and charm. It is a very popular family destination. The Danube flows through ten countries along this route today but we would recommend the Austrian section (going west to east), due to the gentle slopes and overall friendlyness. There are numerous bicycle paths, and there’s great concentration of diverse views and tourist spots.

The downside is that, due to this popularity, in the summer months it could get crowded. Best months to visit are from May to September.

The Austrian section starts in or near Passau and ends their bike tour in Vienna. To have a better look you can fin a map of the Danube section here. If you are visiting Munich, Viena or Bratislava, you can think about make at least a little trip to enjoy one of the most famous rivers. If the incredible Johann Strauss II made a song for this river ( The Blue Danube), to explain the beauty of this river on its different stages. Sure this is a cycling trip you could never forget.


We hope you got a few ideas for your future biking travel destinations. We promise this won’t be the only post on the subject. There are so many places to go…the sky is the limit!


If you have any suggestions or questions about these trips, we will try to help you. Also, if you want more details about other areas in Europe, let us know! 

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