3 in 1 wishbone recycled edition
4.2OUT OF 5

3 in 1 Wishbone Recycled edition review

3 in 1 Wishbone recycled edition is, at the same time, one of the smallest and the tallest balance bike in the market. That is possible because its frame has a RotafixTM system that adjusts the seat height. ... Read More...
Wooden balance bike _ 3 in 1 wishbone original bike
4.0OUT OF 5

3 in 1 Wishbone bike review

3 in 1 Wishbone bike is, at the same time, one of the smallest and the tallest balance bike in the market. That is possible because its frame can flip and adjust the seat height. This transformable balance b... Read More...
JD Bug Billy
4.0OUT OF 5

JD Bug Billy review

JD Bug Billy "The safe first metal balance bikes". This Japanese balance bike is designed for safety, with rounded edges and soft grips. This balance bike is also a convertible: from balance bike to first pe... Read More...
DK Nano Caroline Buchanan
4.0OUT OF 5

DK Nano by Caroline Buchanan review

DK Nano is a BMX style balance bike designed by Caroline Buchanan. This Australian biker started racing when she was 5 years old. She’s claimed "over 12 national Australian titles, 2 World Champ 4 cross titles,... Read More...
4.2OUT OF 5

Brum Brum balance bike review

Brum Brum balance bike looks for a natural balance with a natural suspension just using the design of the frame. This unique balance bike has reached a simple and intuitive design that allows the kid to go into... Read More...
public bikes cool biking kids
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PUBLIC balance bikes review

PUBLIC balance bikes are conceived for the new generation of urban citizens and riders, as it is getting more usual for many parents and kids to get around town on bikes. They look sturdy and stylish. It's a... Read More...
metal balance bikes - KaZAM v2s
3.9OUT OF 5

KaZAM v2s Review

KaZAM v2s balance bike is one of the most popular balance bike and one of the best sellers in Amazon right now. It appears in Shark Tank which gave KaZAM a huge push. This model is a redesign of the classical m... Read More...
Radio Flyer Glide N' Go
4.0OUT OF 5

Radio Flyer Glide N’ Go Review

Radio Flyer Glide N' Go balance bike is a totally customized balance bike. You can choose the material of the frame, color and type of the wheels. This brand has become and American icon, since they released... Read More...
Kokua LIKEaBIKE Forest featured
4.5OUT OF 5


KOKUA LIKEaBIKE Forest is a resistant, tough balance bike ready for all terrains, specially efficient off the beaten path. This balance bike is made in strong varnished beech Marine Plywood, handcrafted in G... Read More...
metal balance bikes - like-a-bike Jumper - copia
4.7OUT OF 5


KOKUA LIKEaBIKE Jumper is designed to be incredibly light something that can help your kids to feel confident riding it. This balance bike is suitable for rought terrains due to its built-in elastomer. The high... Read More...