I started biking at a really young age. Taking into account biking benefits or not, my parents always made sure I always had a nice pair (or trio) of wheels within reach.

As a baby, one of my earliest memories involves being often told off by my mom while on my tricycle. Apparently I was taking sudden turns with it, damaging the door frames in the process. Way to go, Cristina.

Somehow, many of my childhood memories revolve around biking: when my dad helped me ditch the training wheels, or when my grandad gave me the most neon-colored bike ever. I remember fondly those long summer afternoons. My friends and I would meet in the park, and pedal down the hills and up repeatedly. I can enumerate all the bikes I have had over the years, and still keep a decent portion of them. Ask my dad. Check out his bike-stuffed garage.

The thing is, it’s not just me. There are many people in the same boat. But what is it that makes biking such a cherished activity for many of us out there? And, concretely, why is it so special for kids?

Biking benefits for kids

  • For one, as a toddler, a bike allows you to go much faster than walking. This, and achievements like this, during childhood, are a self-esteem booster, so important at that age.  Self-esteem is what encourages kids to keep trying and learning new things.
  • Furthermore, biking benefits the blooming of motor skills, and helps the development of bones, muscles, lungs, and brain. Also improves cardio-vascular fitness. It allows kids to develop their balance, and stability, promoting bilateral integration. Hand-brain, arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands and body-to-eye coordination is improved. It is one of the best physical activities that a kid could perform.
  • Also, biking represents fun and freedom. Helps create those fond memories I was talking about. As a toddler, a bike allows you to go much faster than walking. As an older kid, it lets you start to gradually gain independence from your parents. Just like when teenagers get their first car, a bike is a child’s first car.
  • However, it not only promotes autonomy and individualisation. Biking is also a form of connection between parents and kids. The time spent together is true quality time, strengthening the shared bonds. Connection is greater too, between the child and his or her surroundings. It also helps the kids expand their circle of friends, meeting others with a common interest.
  • On top of that, biking gets kids outside, something proven hard these days. It provides them with fresh air, and sunlight (vitamin D). It also helps calm them down and cope with stress and sleep better. Riding a bike is a mood boosting activity.
  • What’s more, biking is a gender-neutral activity. It’s crucial that kids perceive this from a young age. Just take a look at this Strider Cup for tots

All of the above wasn’t enough? There are studies that prove that exercising makes kids smarter.

Do you find we left other biking benefits behind? We would love to hear them. Please comment below!


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