When kids are smaller, and they may start to learn how to ride a bike, or if they are taken to school by bike, they need a helmet for this ride too.

There is a trend in cities, those which try to make a positive attitude towards environment, that consist in promoting bicycle motion in the city.

This way, trailers, sidecars and bike seats are becoming huge. And thus, safety for kids on bike seats. These helmets, which count with all certificates, have a characteristic shape for make it suitable to the bike seat: a flatter back rear of the helmet. Here you can find our selection organised by size:

1.Lazer BOB Baby on Board

Lazer BOB Baby On BoardDimensions from 46-52 cm (Toddler unisize 18.1″-20.4″)

Lazer BOB Baby on Board Helmet
provides safety to the kid in all circunstancies. Even, it is suitable for bike seats and trailers due to its flat back area. It can be use by small kids, even seven months old ( always check the dimension of their heads)

It has all type of certifications: CE EN1078 (skateboards and roller skates, European standard), CPSC (USA certification) and AS/NZS 2063 (Australian certificate)

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2.Nutcase Baby Nutty helmet

Nutcase Baby Nutty HelmetDimensions from 47-50 cm (Size XXS, 18.5″-19.6″)

Nutcase Baby Nutty  is one of the smallest helmets in the market right now. It is suitable for kids on their balance bikes and on bike seats or trailers. This skate-style helmet has a compact, skater look.

The elastic adjustment makes it easier for you to put the helmet on your kids head. Good to know as your little ones can be difficult to stand still. It has 11 little vents on the top area to create some air circulation. This helmet is conceived to be a helmet a kid in a trailer would wear or a kid on a balance bike. So safety is a big plus and air holes are less in number. This can make the helmet be not that refreshing due to its lack of air vents on the sides and be not suitable for hot areas.

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3.Bell Zoomer helmet

Bell Zoomer Helmet reviewDimensions from 48-52 cm ( Size Toddler 19″-20.5″)

Bell Zoomer helmet is a helmet for the smallest kids in the house. It works for those starting to learn on their balance bikes or for going in a trailer with adults. This is not a high-end helmet, however, works wonders and it is certificated as well, so safety is assured.

Extended rear coverage provides extra protection on the back of the head & neck, this means that the back of the helmet extends further than the dial-style toddler helmets. It counts with seven top vents to keep your kid´s head fresh. High-impact reflectors improve visibility. The True Fit feature offers a 1-step adjustment for a simple, custom sizing every time. This can be very useful as your kids can get impatient each time its helmet time.

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4.Nutcase Little Nutty helmet

Nutcase Little Nutty helmetDimensions from 48-52 cm (Size XS 18.9″-20.5″)

Nutcase Little Nutty is made for kids 5 years old and up (always depending on the size of the head) that are adventurous and stylish. This is a  street style helmet suitable for bikers, skaters and skateboard passionates.

You can find it in a lot of different designs. Sure you can find one your children would not want to take it off until bed time. This is the 3Generation of helmets, coming after the Street Sport line, taking all of their features and adapting them to little kids.

International certifications: CPSC and ASTM F1492 (Multi-sport)

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5.Bern Niña/ Bern Niño helmet

Bern Nina Nino helmetDimensions from 48-51.5 cm ( Size S-M, 18.9″-20.25″) and from 51-54.5 cm ( Size M-L, 20.25″-21.5″)

The Bern Nina Nino (Niña/Niño) helmets are polyvalent skater-style helmets, as they can be used in summer and winter sports. Also, they are suitable for bikers and skaters use, which make these helmets be very complete for smaller kids.

Both series, Nina and Nino, offer a wide range of designs and graphics. Nino is considered for boys taste and Nina for girls taste. However, we find both series can be use for both genders. Just depends on your kids taste!!

One of the innovative features these helmets have is the Zipmold technology. This makes the helmet be lighter and thinner for a comfortable use and better fit. The Bern Nina and Bern Nino are one of the most compact and lighter although they cover a head´s bigger area.

The summer model comes with summer liner to keep head cooler. And for winter time, you have theNina/Nino Fleece Knit to transition it to a snow helmet.

International certifications:ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078.

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6. Lazer P’Nut MIPS/non-MIPS Helmet

Lazer P´Nut HelmetDimensions for non-MIPS from 46-50 cm ( Toddler unisize 18.1″-19.7″) and for the MIPS helmet from 50-56 cm ( Kids unisize, 19.7″-22″)

Lazer P´Nut Helmet is one of the best in the market right now for smaller kids. It has an amazing quality, it is very easy to adjust due to the Autofit System, In-mold construction to make it more durable and no foam exposed.  Also it is very suitable for kids going in bike seat and trailer.

It has all type of certifications: CE EN1078 ( European certification), CPSC (USA certification) and AS/NZS 2063 (Australian certification)

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7. Giro Me2 Infant Toddler bike helmet

Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike HelmetDimensions from 48-52 cm ( Toddler unisize, 18.75″-20.5″)

Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike Helmet is one of the smallest in the market right now. This makes it useful for kids learning how to ride a bike or for those ones biking with their parents in a bike sit or trailer. It incorporates the Giro’s Acu Dial system. This is a dial located on the back of the helmet to get the perfect fit and help you to adjust the strap to the children heads. Remember that fitting a helmet fr your kid can be challenging, so a little bit of help can do wonders. Giro includes additional stick-on foam pads to provide extra cushion and allow it to grow with your kids.

Although this is an old model, and there are others with modern features, this one fits great for kids 1-3 years old and its flat back makes it suitable for trailers. So it deserves to have a good ranking yet.

International standars: CSPC, CE EN1078 (skateboards and roller skates, European standard), AS/NZS 2063:2008(Australian standard).

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