One of the design trends that have been blooming these past years is multifunctionality. Thankfully. Living in smaller houses, and often, with reduced budgets, I would normally opt for things that serve more than one purpose. This is the case of Pahoj, an all-in-one bike seat stroller that would allow you to buy less and have more. And more important, have less stuff to carry around. What’s not to like?

For those moments in which you should decide between biking to the park, or carrying the stroller with you in the car, this invention comes in really handy.

Pahoj bike seat stroller


Pahoj, the all-in-one bike seat stroller


Pahoj is the project of Swedish industrial designer Lycke von Schantz, based in Malmö. Influenced by her home country and Holland’s bike culture, she brings us this clever piece of gear that makes cycling with kids easier.

Pahoj bike seat stroller

It is very light, made of a combination of polypropylene and powder-coated metal, being able to withstand rainy weather. The handle is telescopic (up to 103 cm / 40.6 in). It includes a docking system, and doesn’t require to have a parcel carrier installed on the bike.

Pahoj bike seat stroller

Pahoj meets the EU standards of bike seats for kids and pushchairs, being approved for safety. The design is also simple but very effective, getting rid of the unnecessary but delivering an appealing product. It certainly catches the eye in the monochrome design, being able to choose between bright red, electric blue or jet black.

Pahoj bike seat stroller

Certainly, Pahoj can offer the combination of bike rides and park strolls, that otherwise would have been difficult without the addition of perhaps a car ride. And more important, can teach kids, from a really early age, the benefits of cycling, and to choose a bike over a car ride when possible.

Pahoj bike seat stroller

Find out more about Pahoj here.


Påhoj full edition from Lycke von Schantz on Vimeo

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