Sometimes what you are looking for in a balance bike is for it to be something special, something that can be remembered like, almost, a piece of art. This selection of urban balance bikes combines the last technologies with the sculptural and retro feeling. Nowadays, it is getting really popular to ride with your kids in town. So these little balance bikes will be perfect for you and your kid to move all around the city.

Before starting, if you would prefer to check our guide on what features to look for in a balance bike, go here. We also created a selection based on kids personalities, that you can check here.


Meanwhile, here you have our selection in urban balance bikes.

Wishbone Recycled 2-in-1. The convertible urban balance bikes

urban balance bikes - Wishbone recycled b

This 4,8kg bike is made by 100% recycled plastic designed to create an innovative new frame system called rotafix. The maximum capacity is 30 kg. It is for kids aged between 12 months and 6 years old with a padded seat height from 23 to 61 cm. It has 12″ air-filled rubber tyres.

Remember. They have longer wheelbase than other models, so the turning radius is bigger and your kid won’t move that quick. This balance bike that can be used by siblings , because it can be adjusted to their height and skills.

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Price around $199.00 and reviews in Amazon here


Brum-Brum bikes. The gesture urban balance bikes

urban balance bikes - Brum brum bikes b

The Brum Brum bike sure is an eye-catching bike. This 3,6 kg eco-design frame is designed to absorb any kind of shock or bump in the road. It is made of high quality birch and oak plywood to ensure high durability and softness while the kid is riding. It can support up to 80 kg! If only my legs were shorter…

Kids between 2 to 5 years old are the most suitable for this bike. It comes with puncture-proof tires and 12″ duralumin (how cool is that!) alloy wheels, which make the bike perfect for any kind of terrain. This tires will also keep your kids’ fingers safe. The bike seat height ( 35-40 cm) is totally adjustable due to the up and down movement wheels can perform on the front and rear forks.

Remember. It uniqueness is paid. It is an expensive bike is worth every dollar. It can be used by all siblings and last long time, keeping in mind the sustainability of the design and material.


Price around $330 and more info here


Early Rider Bonsai. The sculptural urban balance bikes

urban balance bikes - Early rider Bonsai b

The Early Rider Bonsai is a wood-metal hybrid, a cool and stunning balance bike.

If your kids are 1,5-3,5 years old,you are lucky! You can get them this monocoque wooden frame design, which includes metal headset, handlebar and seat tube. And this is just a 3.75kg balance bike. The rivetted faux leather saddle can be adjusted from 35 to 45 cm. It has 12″ kenda tyres that can give a great performance on the road, on the trail or on the racetrack.

Remember. The handlebar can be a little small for taller kids. Be aware of the seat post height.

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Price around $179.99 and reviews in Amazon here


Public bikes. The classic urban balance bikes

urban balance bikes - public bikes 1

This urban bike is conceived for the new generation of urban citizens and riders, as it is getting more usual for many parents and kids to get around town on bikes. This bike is made for kids aged between 3 to 6 years old. It has a classic steel frame and 12″ inflated tires, that guarantees a smooth ride. The seat height reaches between 42 and 53 cm. It looks sturdy and stylish.

Remember. It is slighty bigger than other balance bikes, you should check carefully the seat height, measuring the kids inseam length. When in doubt, smaller bikes are always easier for beginners. Its weight is less than 5 kg.

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Price around $129.00 and review in Amazon here


Kiddimoto Hero Marc Marquez. The moto racing urban balance bikes

urban balance bikes - Kiddimoto Superbike Marc Marquez b

This bike is made for kids aged between 3-6 years old who feel they have a Marc Marquez inside. There are also other models dedicated to various ‘Hero” racers.

The frame is made of birch plywood, and allows the rider to adopt a comfortable motorcycle riding position. The seat height goes from 33-35 cm. It has under seat exhaust pipes and fairings, styled tanks and tails, and a sculpted rear swinging arm. To prevent jack-knifing, the steering is locked to turn only 30 degrees.

Remember. It is a not light bike (5kg), so it is not suitable for small kids. Because of this design, it makes the bike very suitable for skate parks and trails.

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Price around $250.00 and reviews in Amazon here


Radio Flyer Glide & Go. The on-a-budget urban balance bikes

urban balance bikes - Radio Flyer Glide N Go b

This retro bike also comes with a “retro” price. It is suitable for 2,5  to 5 years old kids.

It comes with a cushion seat height range of 37 cm to 45 cm, 12″ air tyres and a bell on the handlebar. Its maximum weight capacity is 23 kg. The sturdy lightweight steel frame gives the retro feeling. This balance bike weight is only 3 kg.

Remember. Mostly shipped in the U.S. You have to assemble the bike as it comes in 4 parts. The handlebar has no steer limit. It is a tall bike so check out the the seat height carefully.

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Price around $55.99 and reviews here


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