Metal balance bikes are a great choice if you feel you need something that works out fast enough for you and your kid and that is, for instance, no time-consuming.

Metal balance bikes are normally made by lightweight steel or aluminium tubes. Also, there are some bikes that use welded material to create innovative products, like First-bike and its flexibility. Generally speaking, aluminium frames are lighter than steel frames. Choosing a light model is quite an advantage for your pal and for whoever needs to carry it for a while.

Metal frames are some of the most durable in balance bikes and can be used by all siblings, when they outgrow it. If you live in a place with frequent rainy weather, be aware of the rusting of the metal. Aluminium frames are less likely to get rust.

They come in a more affordable price and their maintenance is quite easy.  You can find them in many colours and they often resemble pedal bikes. Here you can find a compilation of info and reviews about some of the more significant metal balance bikes.

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Meanwhile, here you have our selection in urban balance bikes.

Strider Sport. The first metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes- strider sport 12inch b

This bike is considered a good starter balance bike for kids aged 18 months to 5 years old. It has 12″ EVA polymer tires, a small steel handlebar with protective ends, a small footrest positioned on the back part of the frame, and the possibility of adding a foot-operated brake. There is no need of any tool to adjust the seat ( 11-16 inches, 28-41cm)  or the handlebar ( which rotates 360º). Its frame is light ( only 6.6 lbs, 3 kg in total) and it comes in 7 different colors.

Remember: Be careful with the weather, possibility of rust. Some people find the tires are too slippery on smooth indoor floors. It comes with no brakes, but these can be purchased separately, as well as different kinds of foot rests. Great to share for siblings.

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Prices around $119.99 and reviews in Amazon here

Strider Pro. The trail metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes- strider pro 12inch b

For advanced riders who want more performance and are willing to go into wild adventures, this balance bike is the perfect option. Because of its lightweight aluminium frame (only 5.3lbs, 2,4 kg) they can successfully go into dirt tracks. It still has 12 ” EVA polymer tires and ultralight one-piece wheels, a number plate graphic for a racing look,  frame-integrated footrests and the possibility of adding a foot-operated brake.

Remember: It is very light, letting kids move real fast if they want to. It is so adjustable that you don’t need to spend more money in a larger bike. It is aluminum-made, so you dont need to worry about rust.

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Prices around $169.99 and reviews in Amazon here


FirstBike Cross. The off-road metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - first bike cross b

This aired tires balance bike is perfect for off-road conditions, such as grass, gravel, or loose dirt surfaces. It is extremely light due to its frame made of melded metal (8 lbs, 3,6 kg). Its components make the bike be very flexible and durable.

It is made for kids aged between 22 months to 5 years. The seat has a special horse-saddle shape to provide stability to children. The seat height goes from 13.8- 17.7 inches (35 to 45 cm). Handlebar movements are limited to prevent your kid from rough falls. You can choose whether you want to add a rear drum brake or not. This bike has mudguards and reflective surfaces. For small kids, you can buy the seat lowering kit ( height of 11.8 to 15.8 inches, 30 to 40cm).

Remember: One of the safest bikes out there. If you have a small kid, it is possible the frame stays too high for him to mount, even with the lowering kit. For bigger kids ( 5 years), the flexibility can be an issue and make the ride a bit uncomfortable. You can use it in all kind of weathers, even snowing (there’s an available snow kit). The bike will not have any weather-related damage. Seal the tires to avoid flats.

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Prices around $127.99 and reviews in Amazon here


Kokua Like-a-bike Jumper. The suspension metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - like-a-bike Jumper b

This Kokua bike is for kids aged between 2 to 6 years old. It is made in high grade aluminium which gives it a weight of 7.5 lbs (3,4 kg). It includes a rear suspension. This is one of the features that differenciate it from the rest. The seat height goes from 13.7 to 17.7 inches (35 to 45 cm, also, they provide 2 seatposts) and the saddle is made with padded leather. Another special addition is the steering limiter which prevents jack-knifing but that can be easily removed for advanced kids. They have 12 ” Schwalbe Big Apple aired tyres, with puncture protection and reflective trim.

Remember. The rear suspension should be adjusted for the kind of terrain the kid is going to bike in. Maximum absorption for trails, dirt paved areas or skate parks. However, for soft and slow rides, the suspension should be set to the minimum.

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Price around $250.00 and reviews on Amazon here


DK Nano. Caroline Buchanan signature metal balance bike

metal balance bikes - DK nano caroline buchanan 2The DK Nano is made with Hi Ten Steel frame and has footrest points integrated in the frame that allows the kid to stay in a stand-over position. The 12 ” spoked wheels with inflatable tires make this bike perfect for BMX trails and all-terrain surfaces. The padded seat is adjustable like the seat height, that goes from 11.8 to 14.2 inches (30 cm to 36 cm).

Remember. Bike made for the fearless and bravest. Design collaboration with a 4 times World Champion, National Champion and BMX Olympian.


Price around $199 and reviews In DK Australia here


Micro Balance G-bike. The indoor metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - Micro Balance G-bike b

For kids aged between 2 to 4 years old ( maximun 44lbs/ 20 kg riders). This awarded Swiss design is perfect for kids learning balance indoors or in paved outdoors. It has 8″ smooth quiet, smooth-gliding, non-marking tires, a soft foam seat with rounded sides and it has a very light aluminum frame (making it a 6.6 lbs/3 kg balance bike). It is perfect for your kid to move it around the house. The seat height goes from 13 to 15.4 inches (33 cm to 39 cm).

Remember: These smooth tires can make your kid go fast, however they are not made for non-paved outdoors, rocky pavements or hilled areas. It has no brakes. Very easy to carry around or for short trips.

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Price around $129.99 and reviews on Amazon here


Kiddimoto Super Junior. The all-terrain metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - kiddimoto Super Junior b

This bike offers an upright riding position similar to a BMX bike, 12″ puncture resistant tires for a smooth ride. Its seat height goes from 13.4 to 18.5 inches (34 to 47 cm). which makes it suitable for kids between 2 to 5 years old. With lightweight steel frames and forks, and an integrated footrest, the Super Junior makes a 5.5 lbs/2,5 kg balance bike.

Remember. The lower padded seat height and the angled frame helps the kid to mount in the bike. You can buy paired helmets and gloves. Suitable for all terrains. Possibility of buy the Kiddimoto Metal Super Junior Max, that incorpores pneumatic tires and a hand-brake.

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Price around $284.25 and reviews in Amazon here


Early Rider Trail Runner 14″. The fast metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - early rider 14 b

This lightweight aluminium frame makes a 8 lbs balance bike perfect (3.6 kg) for 3 to 5 years old bikers. The faux leather saddle seat height goes from 14.7 to 18.7 inches (37,5 cm to 47,5 cm). It has 14″ pneumatic knobby wheels with sealed cartridge bearings. The tires are thought for those kids on their way to gravel and rugged terrains.

Remember. The handlebar can be a little small for taller kids. Be aware of the seat post height. Incredible brushed and lacquered aluminium finish. It is possible that your kid could reach good speed with these ones.


Price around $210.00 and reviews in Early Rider here


KaZAM v2s. The solid metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - KaZAM v2s b

This 9.9 lbs balance bike (4,5 kg) is suitable for kids older than 3 years old. It has a improved (patented) frame design with ergonomic footrest. This balance bike offers 12″ air-filled tires for stability and traction. The seat height goes from 14.7 to 17 inches (35,5 to 43 cm) with a weight capacity of 66 lbs (30kg). No tools required.

Remember. The strong structure is made to last. The footrest will make your kid improve balance. It fits kids that want a more relaxing ride.

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Price around $89.95 and reviews in Amazon here


JD Bug Billy. The safe first metal balance bikes

metal balance bikes - JD Bug training TC-04 billy b

This japanese balance bike is designed for safety, with rounded edges and soft grips. It is very light also (7.3 lbs/3,3 kg) so your kid will not have any problem keeping it upright. 2 years old to 5 years old kids can ride it (maximum 66lbs/ 30 kg riders). It is one of the balance bikes that comes with an installable gearbox pedals to use when the kid gets more experienced. It comes with 12″ air-filled tires.

Remember. It will save some cash as you don’t need to buy a pedal bike right after. It has a rear drum-type hand brake to use on the learning process. Seal the tires to avoid flats. Some kids find the seat too hard. JD Bug Deluxe bikes have a more ergonomic cushioned seat but they do not have the Pedal Kit option.

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Prices around $105.00 and reviews on Amazon here

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