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The Bern Nina Nino (Niña/Niño) helmets are polyvalent skater-style helmets, as they can be used in summer and winter sports. Also, they are suitable for bikers and skaters use, which make these helmets be very complete for smaller kids.

Both series, Nina and Nino, offer a wide range of designs and graphics. Nino is considered for boys taste and Nina for girls taste. However, we find both series can be use for both genders. Just depends on your kids taste!!

One of the innovative features these helmets have is the Zipmold technology. This makes the helmet be lighter and thinner for a comfortable use and better fit. The Bern Nina and Bern Nino are one of the most compact and lighter although they cover a head´s bigger area.

The summer model comes with summer liner to keep head cooler. And for winter time, you have the Nina/Nino Fleece Knit to transition it to a snow helmet.


bern logoBern Unlimited is a brand dedicated to develop and deliver protective gear for non-motorized action sports. Bern is passionate and commited to provide skaters, bikers, snowboarders, skers and wakeboarders with adaptable protections for every season and every environment. Their idea is also combine this tehnology with designs action sport participants like to wear. Maybe this focused comes from Bern origin and ownership, as it is a private company operated by action sport enthusiasts.

The brand was designed and developed in Massachusetts in July 2004 and founded by Dennis Leedom, an avid action sport lover who had some tumbles over the years and wanted to increase the awareness of head protection and its usage. Dennis, with several friends and developers as Bruce Wilson, dam Godwin and Josh Walker put the business plan into action.

And they had the main hit with Seth Wescott, who, in 2006, introduced Bern to the world with his Olympic God in Torino, Italy. This made the world noticed about the Bern brand.

Bern Nina Nino helmet


  • Zipmold hard foam technology (liquid-injected foam)
  • Weight for the XS-S helmet: 350 gr._ 0.77 pounds. For the S-M: 360 gr_ 0.8 pounds.
  • Chine line. Adjust by strap in the rear area of the helmet.
  • 7 Front, top, and back venting.
  • Detachable flip visor for sun and rain.
  • Summer/winter helmet.
  • It comes in nine eye-catching styles.
  • International certifications:ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078.


In this case, the Bern Nina Nino comes in two sizes:

Size XS-S_ 48-51.5 cm_ 18.9-20.25 inches.

Size S-M_ 51.5-54.5 cm_ 20.25-21.5 inches.


Prices for the Bern Nina and Bern Nino goes around $34.97 – $80.00, depending on the size and design.

To find reviews for the Bern Nina in Amazon go here. For Bern Nino reviews in Amazon go here.

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