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Bell Segment Jr. is a skate-style classic helmet with head-hugging comfort and advanced fit technologies. It is perfect for sport activities, as it provides great protection on everything they dare to try. Also, it is very comfortable to wear due to its Bell FormFit, which makes the helmet fit more like a comfortable cap than a hard-shell helmet.

This helmet is safe to use in skate parks, BMX trails and everyday activities for active kids. As it has not that many air ventilations and it is way heavier than other models ( skate style helmets tend to be heavier as more protection is needed) we do not recommend it for cruising or commuting around town.

And a little curiosity, there used to be some special editions like the Star Wars Edition.


Bell Helmets
bell helmet logo was born in California in 1950, when the racing scene was on its boom. Speed was a must, therefore safety had to come into place. Bell has been protecting women and men for nearly 50 years, from Grand Prix racing to Olympics. Roy Richter started to study limits, forcing new ideas and designs, anticipating the demands and using technology on their products.

Bell has some partnership with organisations that promote the sports which made Bell been created. As for example, the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s (IMBA) for mountain bikers worldwide. Or Safe Kids Worldwide, a platform which mission is to provide practical resources to protect children from injuries.

 Bell Segment Jr review


  • ABS helmet and reinforced skeleton.
  • Bell Form Fit with connected interior foam segments.
  • Weight around 413 gr/0.91 pounds.
  • 8 air ventilations.
  • It comes in 17 different awesome designs. Amazing special editions.
  • International certifications: ASTM F1492-08 (Skate), ASTM F2032 (BMX), CE EN1078, CPSC


In this case, Bell Segment Jr. comes in two sizes that cover a wide range of measurements:

Size XS_ 48-Š—–53 cm_18.9 – 20.8 inches

Size S_ 51-55cm_ 20 – 21.6 inches


Bell Segment Jr. price can goes around $49.95- $26.96 depending on the design. Find some reviews in Amazon here.

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