Funny pets in bikes compilation.

BIKES and PETS!!! Did you read it? BIKES and PETS together! No kidding.

Who could need anything else? A bike, the wind moving your hair, and your best friend riding with you can make the day!

So here you can find some funny pets that enjoy biking and can steal a laugh from you.


1.The cool papug

A hoodie, aviator glasses and a trike.

This Latin lover breaks hearts while in his ride. Be careful, ladies, PaPug is out and about.


2.Purrfect time in a bike

Cats are unpredictable and have a great personality. Sure they love, but they love who/what they want in the moment they want. For this reason, this cat’s favorite time is biking with his owner. Nothing more adorable that cat love in a bike.


3.Chillin’ guy

So you can find a chillin’ chihuahua with the word happiness written all over his cute face. This little guy seems to be on his way back from the supermarket with flowers and plants for a good “chill”. Anyhow, there is only one word to resume this picture: satisfaction!


4.For the dreamers

Some pets may not have a good balance to ride a bike on their own and only can dream about it. Just have a look at your pets when they are napping and try to figure out if a riding position is just what they are performing. Is that possible? Are your pets trying to tell you anything? Be straightforward and take your friends for a ride. They may not be able to ride, but you can.


5.The personal space invaders

Sharing a small space helps sharing emotions, moments and lives. However, some guys just invade your personal space without even asking permission! It seems that situation happened to this bulldog. Look at his face. Not happy about sharing the cargo. And we can understand, non of us like to share our pedal transportation.


6.”Who’s That Chick

All in white, with red hair and red lipstick, riding a blue bike in a holiday town. That is the dream. And that’s what you can see here. This is an awesome cool riding chick that can teach a lot of people how to enjoy this summer time.


7.Raccoon master

Yes, even raccoons! Although they have that black mask covering their eyes and a fluffy body they can ride as nicely as you. What are you waiting for to show this gif to those friends who refused to take their pets outside for a ride? Belonging to a specific species is not a limit anymore. Spreed the word!



Just a Shanghainese cat could become best friend with a lovely cool riding grandpa. And that’s what happens when you ride together: You create forever bounds. Beautiful picture.


9.Following destiny’s path

Some pets just have it clear. They know what they want and they want it when they want it. This pet can balance on his own. He doesn’t need a human to take a bike and ride around. That’s the attitude. I only hope this would be a normal scenario in town…


10.The concerned beginner

Safety is something really important to take into account when you ride. Maybe this little fella is feeling not that comfortable in that basket. Are you wondering why? Come on! Where are the security belts?


11.Relaxed ginger kitty in the bike

Just opposite reaction has had this cute ginger. Where can she find a better place for napping than a basket bike? Where else can she feel the wind in her ears, the complete relaxation of body? Even the incapacity of keeping all saliva inside your mouth?


12.The advantages of being the copilot

Your pets can become the best copilot as they can be focused in what happens around you. They can tell you went you are passing by a butcher shop, a beautiful poodle, or a council garbage truck.


13.Size and ethnicity doesn’t matter

Sometimes we just labeled ourselves. Age, ethnicity, weight, coolness. But there is something we can enjoy without caring about any of this: riding a bike. This cute rabbit is the perfect example. Even if you are incredibly small, you can have an awesome ride that suits you and that can make you feel the cool riding guy you really are. Because you are no matter what.


14.The trendy celeb

Celebs are the trend before the trend. They settle attitudes and they can spreed a way of living faster than anyone else. Here the little “Famous” shows the world how to ride a bike with a human, Audrey Hepburn, and keep the Yorkshire hair style shining after it.


15.But always a pleasure

Riding how you ride, with or without companion, on a cargo bike or on a trike, sharing space or being carried like a backpack, the best thing you need to do is to enjoy. As these little friends show us today, every ride can be the perfect moment to collect a forever memory.


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